Entry #2


2009-11-16 14:45:56 by Bobolehobo

I guess that I still need to make better art because my current art is to pixely and drab so I still need to make three mor works that are better than my crrent work. I gues I still need to find better applications to make art but hey, I am only 15 and I am already starting my careear so at least I will have a head start when I get out of college s i still have 5-6 more years until I get out of college so I still have a lot of time to improve my art on NG.


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2009-11-16 15:37:39

I shall not agree nor shall I disagree. This is the truly human way.


2009-11-17 16:45:49

To solve your pixelation problem, the answer is simple.
DO NOT save as a jpeg!
The png format is your friend.

You said gimp doesn't allow you load your scanned works...
That shouldn't be possible. Try the "open as layers" option. This will open your work on a seperate layer.
Also, on the subject of layers, take some time studying the layer settings. Some of these allow you to color behind your line-art.
If you're not at that point yet, try to find out what layers are and how to use them.
Also, once you're really planning to get serious, get a drawing tablet. (a cheap one for starters.) If your parents need convincing, a tablet can be usefull for homework and stuff too.